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The Body IS the Mind

THE BODY IS THE MIND” is a phrase I heard Deepak Chopra say a while back while we were involved in a seminar at La Costa Resort & Spa. Although I’ve known that for a long time, I’ve never quite put it that way; instead saying, ‘Your Posture is a Reflection of what’s going on/on the Inside’.  Regardless, I think Deepak’s interpretation is more provocative.


You don’t have to get old the way our society has brainwashed us into believing”, is what my late father Elmer Fredericks (shown below at around 90 years of age) used to always say. 

Does the Golf Swing Cause Injuries? Or, Do Your Injuries INJURE Your Golf Swing?

One of the questions one hears a lot is that the Golf Swing Motion is bad for your back? And I can assure you that I’ve been asked that hundreds of times.

Is it Dangerous to Land on the Outside of Your Left Foot?

Is it Dangerous to Land on the Outside of Your Left Foot?


By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of golfers - including Tour Players, land on the outside of their left feet when they move down into the ball.  The question is…

Is this dangerous?

The answer to that question is...

Your Body is the Dumping Ground of Your Mind

Spending a lifetime in the golf world, I’ve been blessed to have associated with thousands of Super Successful People from all walks of life; not to mention, have worked with hundreds of GREAT golfers and professional athletes.

The Power of Passion - Let NOTHING Get in the Way of Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals

Over decades, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have known many of the most successful people in the world  - and in many cases, of all time. This includes Hall of Fame athletes from virtually every sport, business icons, amazingly successful artists, and very talented lay people. 

The Benefits of a Cold Shower - A Sure Way to Feel Great

A Sure Way to Feel Great - The Benefits of a Cold Shower

As I get further along on my life’s journey, it never ceases to amaze me how Mother Nature gives us SO MANY ingenious ways to heal ourselves and solve our problems.  Let’s face it, in life – there are times you feel on top of the world, and times you feel under the weight of it.

The Mystery of Tiger's Knee Problems is No Mystery

For years, I've been hearing different theories from golf pros and physical trainers on why Tiger's had 4 knee surgeries - and now has just undergone back surgery.

The Greatest Game Of All

Of all of golf’s many attributes, I think the greatest of them all is the incredible number of fascinating people that we meet, and play the game.  In my case, and because I’ve made the game my profession, I’ve been extremely blessed with meeting virtually thousands of people from all walks of life...

Are Your Swing Faults "Just" Habits?

To date, I don’t think anybody’s ever achieved a perfect golf swing. Although a few have come close, (Snead and Els come to mind); even they have some slight nuances that they fought for a lifetime.

Golf And Other Sports

While growing up as a youngster, golf was definitely considered a sissy sport. Over time, research has proven that this is FAR from the truth. Professional golfers possess “Tree Trunks” for legs, and on average, possess greater upper trunk flexibility than NBA basketball players!

Better Posture = Feeling Better

It has become irrefutable to me, that proper posture is the #1 most important aspect of musculeo skeletal health than any other.