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27 Point Program

Arm Angels

Arm Leg Opposite Lifts

Arm Presses

Arnie and Me

Arnold Palmer: Golf Fitness, Flexibility & Driving Distance Part 1

Arnold Palmer: Golf Fitness, Flexibility & Driving Distance Part 2

Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan

Develop More Power with the Power Swing Fan

Dr. Michael Voight Testimonial for The Posture System

Explanation of the Hamstrings

Flexibility Program Intro

Fox25 Oklahoma City Interview Featuring Roger Fredericks

Get Straight and Strengthen

Golf Lessons from the Masters: Gary Player & Roger Fredericks

How to Hit a Bunker Shot from a Buried Lie

Importance of Flexibility

Just Breathe

Poor Posture = Added Stress

Posture Shirt - Introduction

Shoulder Segment with TPI

Spreadfoot Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend with Postursizer

Standing Windmills

Static Back Press

Swing Fault: Introduction from Roger Fredericks

Testing Your Shoulder Turn

Wedge Shots Around the Green


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