Poor Posture = Added Stress

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Poor Posture = Added Stress

Poor Posture = Added Stress

In this segment of The Posture System Infomercial, Dr. Michael Voight Consultant to NASA, and Dr. Terry Rondberg, Founder of the World Chiropractic Alliance, talks about the effects of Poor Posture and Brain Energy Flow.; and how poor posture often times inhibits blood and oxygen flow.

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The Posture System Infomercial - Dr. Michael Voight - Poor Posture = Added Stress

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By John Milanovich on

Roger, thank you for your work. First, my Testamonial: After spending about 3-hours reviewing your book on flexibility one evening, and then doing your short-program for golfers the next morning, which took about an hour the first time through, I was standing taller, felt lighter, and my shoulders were square and upright. It was a substantial change. That was just yesterday! As a neuropsychologist and expert in mind-body connections who recently began playing golf with some leve of seriousness, I found your work answered question after question regarding reliable ways to make progress in the sport.The question that I have at this time is: What is a good posture for prayer/meditation? I am a devoted Catholic and a member of the Discaled Carmelite secular order who spends focused time with our Lord for about an hour in the morning and another half hour or more in the evening. Since this is a daily part of my life, I wonder if you have some tips that do not include yoga positions and the like, but rather ways of sitting, kneeling, or some other similar position?

By Roger Fredericks on

Hi John,  glad you're enjoying the benefits of 'proper' flexibility!  Regarding posture for meditiation and prayer, there are many ways to go about it.  One is to sit in a Lotus Position, but that is usually difficult for seniors -  especially those with bad knees and hips.  There are also Meditation benches where you kneel on the floor, but with your buttocks elevated.  Finally, it's perfect OK to sit in a chair.  Ideally, you want to have the back straight but don't force it.  Wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt is a GREAT way to keep your shoulders back.Keep up the good work!Roger