Hear from the Pros

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. I just wish I had started your program 20 years ago.
Arnold Palmer
World Golf Hall of Fame
To my fellow anatomical functionalist. Thanks for the video help. I’m pleased to see you're bringing the principles of anatomical function into the golf world.
Jack Nicklaus
World Golf Hall of Fame
If you want a better golf game, Roger's your man to see.
Gary Player
World Golf Hall of Fame
Roger’s instruction and flexibility programs will NO DOUBT accelerate your path from wanting to be a good player, to actually becoming one!
Tom Kite
World Golf Hall of Fame





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Roger Fredericks is Da Man! He has helped me enormously...both with my swing and my gimpy back! I spent a little over two hours with him and came away with a new lease on life. No kidding! I can't thank you enough Roger for your help in making a round of golf so enjoyable! I can't wait to get back out there.
- Peggy F.

I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know the program you created for me has been fantastic. I am constantly aware of my new and improved posture. I notice when I slouch and find myself standing taller and feeling great.Thanks again your assistance.
Rob Miller

I'm feeling better than I have in years. Since you started me down the road to recovery in December I have lost 19 lbs. I would like to drop another 7-10 lbs which would put me at the weight I was after college, when I stopped drinking so much beer. I' m looking forward to seeing you in August and showing you the improvements I've achieved with your help.
Bruce M.

I am a huge fan, your videos changed my game forever, I tell a lot of people about them on the golf course.

Much thanks,
Tom L.

Just bought your book on flexiblity, best book ever on golf too!

Howard C.

I just got your new book earlier this week and it is already paying rich dividends for me. To a certain extent you are preaching to the choir as I am a 62-year-old instructor and long drive competitor and am TPI certified. That being said, while I have worked on flexibility daily for nearly 40 years and work especially hard on the hip flexors, I was not aware that my hips were out of alignment with the right hip closer to the target line in my set-up. When I hit balls today, I made a concerted effort to pull the right hip back so that they were aligned properly. The results were nothing less than astonishing. Clubhead speed was five mph higher and drivers were flying 15 yards further. If it sounds like I'm excited, I am!!! Many thanks! Much success to you with the book.

Best regards,
John M.

I just got your new book. It is GREAT. I learned so much - not only what to do, but WHY. You have clarified many things for me. It is really motivating me to work on my flexiblity.
Norm Y.