Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan

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Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan

Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan

The Power Swing Fan is a fabulous tool for increasing power in your golf swing.  However, overusing one side of the body can over time, actually hinder your Accelerator and Decelerator muscles.  Swinging the Power Swing Fan Left Handed like I demonstrate here, will actually crate better balance and Power Up the Decelerator muscles on your weaker side.  Having better balance among the muscles will then REALLY give you mo power!

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Golf Instruction Drill - Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan

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By rchastel0820 on

Any training for the upper body should be splitted equally between the right side And the left side .The POWER FAN is nô exception.But the main interest in training with the POWER FAN is to teach you to use YOUR core And YOUR hips for a powerful golf swing ,And not the ARMS .That's why you should never train with a Weighted club ,it Will not only slow down YOUR swing but also teach you to swing with the ARMS .
Another great teaching device is the SUPERSPEED TRAINING STICKS developed by MIKE NAPOLEON ,they'll teach you to swing underspeed ,And OVERSPEED ,with differently Calibrated sticks .To be done also right handed And left handed .

By Roger Fredericks on

Well said Raymond!  One should also train with a super light obejct, such as an alignment rod - or even turning a club upside down and holding it down near the hosel.  That trains your fast twitch fibers so that you get more speed while the fan will develop power throughout your body.

By Conrad Glewicz on

Hello, did you film this at Aviara, I know Kip is very keen on the swing fan, and, they have one on the first tee to warm up with; are you now at Aviara, instead of LaCosta, Thank you for all of your great information, Stay healthy, CGG...

By Roger Fredericks on

You're very observant Conrad!  It was filmed at Aviara at the end back of the range. I've been out of La Costa for a couple of years and run my programs down at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. Come down and visit us sometime.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!