A Better Shoulder Turn with Jelly Expander

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A Better Shoulder Turn with Jelly Expander

A Better Shoulder Turn with Jelly Expander

The golf swing is really nothing more than a rotation of the spine and shoulders  around a solid base established by the legs.  However, if a person has rounded or imbalanced shoulders, this isn't as easy as it sounds.  

Recently, I've come across a great training aid for your shoulders called The Jelly Expander Shoulder Harness.  Putting this simple device around our shoulders will not only help improve your posture, but wearing it while you swing will teach you to rotate your shoulders smoothly and effectively throughout your swing.  Keeping the muscles balanced and functional will certainly lead to greater distance and consistency.

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Golf Tips - Jelly Expander for a better shoulder turn

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By rchastel0820 on

I've finally managed to log in .I'm not quite sure this training aid is efficient enough.It's the "rounded shoulder syndrom you can cure with the POSTURSIZER and the SLANT BOARD .The best tip in my opinion is to keep the chin high You don't see the tips of your feet if you do  so and make sure the left elbow gets under the chin  when performing the Backswing