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Flexibility Program Intro

Flexibility Program Intro

Roger Fredericks provides an overview of his Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility DVD Series which includes the White, Blue and Gold Tee Programs to gain flexibility and better range of motion to create a freer, more powerful golf swing.

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Flexibility Stretches-Flexibility Program Intro

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By cwr64 on

I have your DVD's but frankly I've been too lazy to use them.  I'm 70 with low back problems that do affect my golf swing.  Because of the back issues I've been trying to get more flexibility in my hamstring area.  For about 8 months now I have been (daily) either doing the "touch your toes" thing or sitting flat with legs extended and back as vertical as possible.  Both stretches make for a burn at the back of my knees.  I always do your breathing thing while stretching and it does help.  But - my flexibility - range of motion - has improved not one bit in 8 months of daily stretching.  I still cannot actually touch my toes without slightly bending my knees.

By Roger Fredericks on

CWR - Remember that all of the muscles work together and because the hamstrings work in synergy with the adductors (inner thighs) the abductors (outer thighs) the quads, and the glutes - not to mention the powerful hip flexors.  Just doing a toe touch or sit on the floor won't produce much (if any) change.  My strong suggestion is for you is to begin my Gold Tee Program which will effectively work ALL of the major muscle groups and produce great results!  I highly suggest you do the program 5 or 6 days a week (with the rope).If you're too lazy to do the program, remember the old adage, "It works IF you work it" " it won't if you don't"

By James Hild on

Are there specific programs to increase flexability or do you just go on the videos that show swing errors you are having?   I currently have some minor lower back pain and looking for a way to stretch the series of muscles to relieve this.  Any suggestions?

By Roger Fredericks on

James,  I do have structured flexibility programs available in DVD or Digital download - available at www.fredericksgolf.com (frankly, they're the #1 Best selling Golf Fitness DVD's of all time).  Although they're designed to increase the range of motion throughout one's body, they've also helped many people reduce pain, and often times eliminate it all together.  Having said that, they're not designed to treat specific injuries, simply because I believe that specific injury problems must be customized for each individual.  In such cases, I recommend that people who want to be treated for specific injuries get on my Custom Tailored Flexibility and Posture Program - again available at www.fredericksgolf.com Regarding back pain, the overwhelming majority of back problems are caused by imbalances in one's hips.  By restoring function to the hips, the back pain usually goes away.  If you have any questions, call us in San Diego at 760 652-5346.