Keep Your Head in the Clouds

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Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

This is a great technique that will certainly help free up your golf swing.  By looking ‘Up’ above your target, will help rid you of tension throughout your backswing as well as stay behind  the ball.  This drill ‘somehow’ just came to me as a kid, and years later I read that none other than Jack Nicklaus also  used this technique.  I guess if this drill’s good enough for Jack, it’s good enough for you and me!

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Golf Instruction Drill - Keep your Head in the Clouds

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By Conrad Glewicz on

I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Fleck one time; he said the secret to golf is to concentrate on the target, and not the ball...great info from both of you guys, stay healthy, CGG...

By Roger Fredericks on

No Doubt Conrad!  I've been blessed to have worked with many of the games greatest players and ALL OF THEM - with NO EXCEPTION visualize their shots to the target...And, they all have their own techniques on doing so.I also met Jack Fleck a few times when I was younger, and he was a real nice many who pulled off the greatest upset in Golf History at the U.S. Open in 1955.Keep Stretching!