Left Leg Pivot Drill

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Left Leg Pivot Drill

Left Leg Pivot Drill

Seldom do I ever see high handicappers get to their front leg properly in their forward swing (For right-handers, it would be the left leg).  The Left Leg Pivot Drill will teach you what it feels like to get on your front leg which will help your weight shift and rotation.

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Golf Instruction Drill - Left Leg Pivot Drill

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By Conrad Glewicz on

Great info ,if, and when, my rheumatoid arthritis flare clears up, I can't wait to come down and work with you, Thank you, CGG...

By Roger Fredericks on

Conrad, there are a lot of ways to treat rheumatoid arthritis, one being a) Drink tons of fresh vegetable juices in a Juicer  'especially green leafy vegetables (must better than a blender).  Go to www.thedontolman.com to get more information.  Also, cut down on sugars and trans fats and eat more whole foods.  Stay hydrated with a lot of water, and.........Keep the faith!!