Nose to the Ball Drill

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Nose to the Ball Drill

Nose to the Ball Drill

One of THE most common swing faults is 'Coming OUT of the Shot' ,also called Standing Up - Hyper extension, et al.  When this happens, the golfer will nearly always lose their wrist angle i.e. throwing the cub - and power - away.  Most great players actually lower themselves they start down, which creates more lag and power - not to mention creates more torque in their lower bodies - which is a good thing!

Although this drill may seem strange, the 'Touch the Nose to the Ball' Drill will certainly teach  you how to really compress the ball!

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Golf Tips - Nose Drill

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By William Dunaway on

You are so right about standing up in downswing! Enjoy your fitness tips! ThanksWGD

By Jandmmarlow on

i can play the audio but no video

By Conrad Glewicz on

Thank you for your videos, I always try to cover the ball with my chest, this helps keep me down, and through the ball, instead of up and out, stay healthy, CGG...

By patrickchassaing on

Very good trigger to remeber to stay "in posture" through the downswing!