Oblique Abdominals

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Oblique Abdominals

Oblique Abdominals

I personally love doing AB WORK because they’re not only easy to do, but they don’t take much time and; the payoff you get from them is outstanding! Although you want to strengthen your abs in several planes, the OBLIQUE ABDOMINALS will help the Oblique Muscles (part of your Core) to become strong and stable, which equals more power and stability.

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Longer Drives - Oblique Abdominals

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By yogitony on

Really good exercise, Roger, it covers most all the core strength a golfer needs. Add a similar movement that focuses on range of motion, it provides decent protection from back painn. Correct posture in the golf swing, though, is another matter. Bodies that are habituated to slumping over a desk or computer require a serious yoga-like program.Best Wishes!