Plank Rod and Cobra

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Plank Rod and Cobra

Plank Rod and Cobra

Generally speaking, I Love exercises that involve using your own body weight while at the same time, increases your flexibility.  Increasing strength and flexibility at the same time is a good combination!

Along these same lines, I also love whole body exercises that work both halves of the body.In today’s video, I’ll show you 3 variations of the Plank, Rod, and Cobra exercises which will be sure to increase strength and flexibility to your body – and golf swing.

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Flexibility Stretches-Plank, Rod, & Cobra

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By yogitony on

Roger, I really do very much appreciate that you make information like this generally available at no cost!And I hope your yoga training (especialy the first two limbs of Ashtanga) is integrated in your clinics and individual sessions. It is a hard sell for the well off golfing public who are very much used to having things the way they like.Tony