Sit Down Drill with Yoga Block

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Sit Down Drill with Yoga Block

Sit Down Drill with Yoga Block

In observing great players, you'll see how their left leg will separate away from the right leg as they start their move into their downswing.  This squatting - or 'Sit Down' Look was made popular by Sam Snead. The movement itself is generated by the right hip beginning to uncoil and 'push' the left side away - while the left hip is 'pulling'.

Many high handicappers don't have such pronounced separation in their legs and some actually look somewhat knock kneed.(in large part due to tight hips and lower bodies). 

A GREAT drill to practice to achieve the Sit Down Look and Leg Separation, is by putting a Yoga Block or Pillow between your thighs  Upon starting the downswing, let the Yoga Block 'Drop' which will  automatically create leg separation and ensure that your lower body starts down FIRST!  More good news is that this 'sitting down' will also drop the shaft into the 'Slot' and allow the shaft to come into the Impact Zone on the Right path.

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Golf Tips - Sit Down Drill with Yoga Block

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