The Solo Sit

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The Solo Sit

The Solo Sit

A great exercise (and a challenging one) is an exercise that was taught to me by one of my mentors, the late Ric McDonald, former Head Trainer for the San Diego Chargers.  This exercise can be done Statically or Actively, but in this video, I’m demonstrating how to do it Actively – which, is a little easier to do.  I recommend that it be performed with a POSTURSIZER, an ALIGNMENT CUSHION , or even a golf club - which will help keep the integrity of your posture intact while you do the pose.

Go easy and you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Solo Sit not only in your body – but in your golf swing as well.  

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Flexibility Stretches-Solo Sit

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By Ronald Van Essen on

Looks great Roger cannot wait to try it.