Spreadfoot Forward Bend

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Spreadfoot Forward Bend

Spreadfoot Forward Bend

This wonderful stretch for the adductors, inner thighs, hamstrings and lower back, results in a greater rotation of the hips and allows the forward leg to separate from the trailing leg during the forward swing.

This stretch is from the Roger Fredericks Reveals Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility Series, Blue Tee Program.

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Flexibility Stretches-Spreadfoot Forward Bend

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By dennis carey on

any suggestions for tennis elbow or tendinitis in the elbow

By Roger Fredericks on

Dennis, Tennis Elbow is normally caused by the shoulder being out of positon due to muscle imbalances throughout the body.  'Just' working on the site of the pain usually won't work in the long run.  What happens is when the shoulder is impinged, the elbow and wrist are then forced to carry the workload which over time, will create friction and weari4 and tear. (Like tennis players and baseball pitchers,overusing one side of their bodies).  As I don't believe in quick fixes, I'd recommend that you inquire about my Posture Restoration Program.  For more information, you can call 760 653-5346.

By Kc Yeo on

How can i access yr past golf instruction videos

By steve shaffer on

I've been instructed by several physical therapists that bending down touching toes is not good for the lower back.  Lying down and stretching ham strings with back straight or standing lifting leg straight up with back straight much better. Comments?

By Roger Fredericks on

Steve, 'IF' a person has lower back/disc involvement or other low back issues, I agree with the PT's you've consulted -  that bending too far  forward isn't a good idea. (It's even worse doing back bending exercises).  Laying on your back and raising the leg up would be a safer way - in that case.If you do  the Gold Tee Program on my Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility DVD or Digital Program, you'll come across a GREAT and COMPLETE lower body program that will definitely stretch out your hamstrings. And along those lines, understand that 'just' stretching the hamstrings won't necessarily increase their range of motion.  Remember, the hamstrings work with the adductors (inner thighs), the abductors (outer thighs), the quadraceps, glutes, and hip flexors (not to mention calves and lower leg muscles).  Stretching ALL of the muscles within that area IS what creates superb flexibility!  encourage you to begin the Gold Tee Program to REALLY increase your range of motion.  And, you lay on your back in that lower body program.  If you don't have a set, give us a call at 760 652-5346.  * I also offer a Cutom Tailored Program where I personally customize a prgoram tailored for you (and we have a Christmas Special going on right now!) Good Luck,Roger

By Allan Himmelstein on

I have been doing this stretch for years, and it is definitely worth it.  I have difficulty with the movements right and left maninly because of two knee replacements and 1 hip replacement.  I have some fears.  Any suggestions?