Stork Extension with Stepups

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Stork Extension with Stepups

Stork Extension with Stepups

Strengthening  your legs while achieving greater Range of Motion in your upper torso, is a GREAT formula for an effective golf swing! This aspect is important because other lower body strengthening exercises such as stationary bikes, treadmills, etc; while terrific for strengthening your lower body and achieving good cardio, often times put your upper body in Rounded or Flexed position – which,  will actually ‘For Sure’ inhibit your shoulder turn.

If stepping up onto a chair is too high or difficult, select a lower prop, such as a step on a stairway, step stool, or even doing them while standing in place.  This is a GREAT exercise that can be done in short duration throughout the day, and I can assure you, you’ll get great benefits On and Off the Course!

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Exercise - Stork Extension with Stepups

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By Robert Kramer on

Roger(My old ASU buddy)- this is a great exercise for our 67 yr old hips which take a beating in golf these days!  This one is also great for my balance work (along with my yoga) as I continue to fight off Parkinson’s!i hope all is well and I still have 100mph with driver thanks to your stretching regime! Rob Kramer

By Roger Fredericks on

Hey Rob, Good to hear from you.  The Stork Walk Step Ups are a great exercise and can also be done without a step i.e. marching in place.  Keep up the good work and ALWAYS keep a positive attitude!

By rchastel0820 on

Stepping up on a chair or a stool is a bit tough for an old man like me (83).I have a REEBOK platform which is lower and adjustable which makes this excellent exercise easer to perdorm for me