Testing and Stretching Your Hamstrings

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Testing and Stretching Your Hamstrings

Testing and Stretching Your Hamstrings

Good hamstring function is vital to stabilize your lower body. A tight hamstring will encourage Straightening of the Legs – Hip Slides – and even Over Turning of the hips.  In this video, I’ll show you how to test your Hammies and a couple of stretches to keep them flexible.

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By Warrenhanchey on

Great stuff Roger. I have a huge issue with this and have to get on it other than for golf.

Tks, Warren

By alanmhome@yahoo.com on

You are so right - the hamstrings are critical.  Stretching and strengthening them has made a huge difference in my overall flexibility, especially my lower back and of course my golf game.  My health club has a technogym hamstring stretching machine that is out of this world!