Whoosh Drill to Clear Left Side

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Whoosh Drill to Clear Left Side

Whoosh Drill to Clear Left Side

This drill will definitely help release tension and allow your body to shift  and rotate freely through the ball.  In other words, you’ll be taking a ‘Swing at Tension’. I saw Nick Price do this drill ceaselessly when he was dominating the Tour in the early 1990’s.  By taking one arm and holding the club on the hosel, he’d make some practice swings and make the club “Whoosh’ in front of him.  When the heat is on and the Nassau with your buddies is  on the line, give this drill a try.

Golf Instruction Drill - Whoosh Drill to Clear left side

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By rchastel0820 on

Roger ,Excellent reminder.  I also have another  drill to oblige you to free your left side and move forwards on your front leg :it's throwing a heavy medicine ball-4 or 5 kgs  sideways and extending your arms while doing so .Additionally it builds strength in your core

By Jean Fredericks on

Raymond,   You are correct! Tossing a medicine ball 'Underhand/Sidearm' is another great drill to learn Kinematic Sequencing!