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Standing Up Through Impact

(And Not ‘Stand Up’ through the shot)

Having Trouble Staying in your Spine Angle?

Coming UP and OUT of your swing (or Standing Up -Early Extension as they say these days), is one of THE most common swing faults that we see – especially among senior citizens. A few of the problems that arise from ‘Standing Up’ are: Unloading of the Hips and Lower Body – Losing Shoulder Coil – Poor Weight Transfer – Casting – etc., etc. In today’s video I’m demonstrating a higher handicapper Standing Up, and Sergio Garcia staying in his Spine Angle.

All great players COIL their muscles with the upper torso against the lower torso, which creates some ‘Big Time’ Energy and Power! It also allows us have better balance and communication with the ground. However, when one Stands Up, they lose all of the Contraction that we’re trying to achieve.

In many cases, the cause of Coming UP and OUT is often times found in tight or weak Glutes and Hip Flexors, not to mention dysfunctions in our Lower Body Muscles, Ie. Tight or weak Quads and Hamstrings. If this is true for you, my #1 Suggestion is to get back on my Flexibility Programs and regain the Range of Motion that our golf swings so desperately need.

Maintain Your Spine Angle

These photos show a Great Drill to practice to Stay in your Spine Angle. Merely stand against a wall in an Address Position with both Glutes against the wall. Then, make some backswings making sure your right Fanny stays on the wall (you’ll notice that your left glute slightly gets pulled off it), and on the Through Swing, your Left Fanny presses against the wall (with your right glute off).

This drill is GREAT, and when you master it, you won’t believe how much more Consistent and Powerful your golf swing will become!

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