The Body IS the Mind

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The Body IS the Mind

The Body IS the Mind


Roger Fredericks Deepak ChopraTHE BODY IS THE MIND” is a phrase I heard Deepak Chopra say a while back while we were involved in a seminar at La Costa Resort & Spa. Although I’ve known that for a long time, I’ve never quite put it that way; instead saying, ‘Your Posture is a Reflection of what’s going on/on the Inside’.  Regardless, I think Deepak’s interpretation is more provocative.

So many people think that the mind and body are two different entities, but I’m firmly convinced that they’re the same; and I especially have noticed that so many people (especially seniors) fail to take care of their ‘Bodies’ because they don’t think that their bodies DIRECTLY AFFECT their minds.  On this note, if you’ve ever gone into an assisted living home (and I’ve been to a lot of them), I doubt that you’ve seen many ‘if any’ functional bodies in there (and I can assure you, that I sure haven’t).

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve ‘accumulated’ more and more friends, many of whom many are now in their eighties.  There’s NO DOUBT that the ones that have maintained healthy bodies, have maintained healthy minds; and, the ones who haven’t taken ‘proper’ care of their bodies, have noticed a definite deterioration of their mental capacity

Having said all of this, I’m sure many people are thinking, “Well, I’ll just start working out more consistently” (and, that’s great!), but make sure that you’re doing the Right Exercises for ‘You’, and especially ones that help you maintain good posture.  For example, if a person is hunched over (The Turtle Look) and do exercises that put them in a forward/ bent over position - such as Rowing Machines, Stationary Bikes, etc., they’ll often end up Strengthening their Dysfunction; So, if you’re going to do exercises like the ones I’ve just mentioned, make sure you do some proper Flexibility and Posture Restoration Exercises to bring you back into ‘Neutral’.  Being in ‘Neutral’ works with Gravity and allows the Blood, Oxygen, and Neutron Flow to flow freely throughout our body and up into your brain.  Being Bent Over definitely inhibits blood and oxygen flow and starves the brain of it’s vital nutrients.

In closing, I highly suggest that you ‘keep moving’ so that you’ll be around ‘On and Off’ the course for decades to come.

- Roger

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