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Balance your body with the Wall Stork



Nearly all of us are more dominant in one side of our body and for the majority of us, it’s the Right Side.

Over time, when we are consistently performing Repetitive Stress movements, such as writing, using a Mouse, throwing, working the foot  from the accelerator to the brake MILLIONS OF TIMES; over time our bodies get out of balance; and when we’re out of balance, friction on the joints occur and we incur pain.

This scenario is evident in Tennis Players who’re prone to tennis elbow, baseball pitchers – who develop rotator cuff and elbow problems, etc.  Even golfers tend to get out of balance by overusing their dominant side, which often times leads to pain on the weaker and less stable side.  (If you’ve noticed, a high percentage of golfer’s injuries are on the Left Side (for right handers).

In addition to doing Flexibility Protocols to loosen the muscles and joints up, a great exercise you can do is THE WALL STORK.   Doing the Wall Stork will help Strengthen and Balance your Torso and help you get the Rotation and Friction out of your body.

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