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A Basic Stretch To Keep Your Hips Flexible

On and Off The Golf Course

There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that the Sitting Down, Forward Bending Lifestyle that pervades our culture is one of – if not THE – main reasons why our bodies our breaking down at an alarming rate!

Because we’re ‘Hunters and Gatherers’, Nature designed us to MOVE! And when we’re moving, all of the bodies systems are activated, including Circulation – Digestive – Respiratory, Cardiovascular, etc. Obviously sitting down as much as we do also retards Leg Strength as well as preventing oxygen, blood, and neuron floor to the brain.

Obviously, the answer to this is to MOVE MORE, but when you don’t have time, a simple stretch like I’m demonstrating in today’s video – performed a few times a day for less than a minute, will certainly help keep our hips from tightening up and allow us to keep in better shape – ON and OFF the Course!

roger splits
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