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Basic Takeaway Drill with Shaft

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It’s very easy for golfers – pros and amateurs alike to go awry in the takeaway.  Here’s a simple drill you can incorporate to ensure a smooth takeaway and weight transfer away from the ball.

I’ve always felt that the Takeaway is one of the most important parts of the golf swing because if you start the club back smoothly and in the right sequence, nearly everything in the golf swing will follow suit; and in the right rhythm and sequence. Much like the chain reaction of Dominoes, when that first domino tips over properly, all of the rest of them follow suit.

Conversely, taking the golf club away too quickly, jerky, and out of plane, etc., will nearly always get you in a state of ‘catch up’ and being off balance.

The drill I demonstrate in the video above, is so simple yet SO effective and you can use it virtually anytime – even during a round of golf if the wheels begin to come off.

Try practicing your takeaway with the drill above, and I’m sure you’ll get some great results!

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    Thank you for this very effective tip, CGG…

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