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  • Swing Thoughts Lead to Frustration DON’T LET YOUR SWING MECHANICS GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR FOCUS – PART II(If you think too much like this………You may end up feeling like this) In my opinion, I think golf (like many other things in life), has gotten way too technical. In fact, when I hear some of the lingo that‘s been going on for the last several years, I sometimes think that some instructors sound […]
  • Focus and Feel DON’T LET YOUR SWING MECHANICS GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR FOCUS – PART IAfter having spent a lifetime playing with Great Players, Observing Great Players, and Coaching Great Players (not to mention Great Athletes in other sports), there is NO DOUBT that they ALL have one thing in common, and that one thing is IMAGINATION AND FOCUS. Without exception, they ALL ‘SEE’ things and visualize their shots in […]
  • gsts1111111.jpg WHERE IS YOUR GOLF GAME GOING IN 2019?Alice:  What road do I take? Cheshire Cat:  Well, where do you want to go? Alice:  I don’t know. Cheshire Cat:  Then it doesn’t matter, because any road will take you there. WHERE IS YOUR GOLF GAME GOING IN 2019? Take a good stock of your golf game in the coming year. This famous exchange […]
  • 0581718c-d72a-4f15-b1fe-35a1ac5f5433.jpg There Are Two Ages: YOUR CHRONOLOGICAL AGE & YOUR PHYSIOLOGICAL AGE“You don’t have to get old the way our society has brainwashed us into believing”, is what my late father Elmer Fredericks (shown below at around 90 years of age) used to always say. 
  • playgolf_1.jpg The Way We Live Affects the Way We Play GolfWith today’s modern lifestyle of sitting, whether behind the desk or on the couch watching TV, many golfers don’t possess enough strength or flexibility to perform a fundamental golf swing, and consequently end up with poor posture.  In my opinion, it’s very hard to play good golf with poor posture, and I believe that the […]