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The Hamstring Test

In most parts of the country, the weather has prevented you from playing golf BUT…The Golf Season will soon be upon us!!

While you’re away from the course, there’s a good chance that your body has tightened up – and most likely your lower body—–and Hamstrings!

To test and see where your hamstrings ‘Are’ I suggest you take the hamstring test in today’s video.

If you’ve not performed well in this test, I HIGHLY suggest that you begin working on your Hammies and get them ready for the upcoming season.

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Are You Over Dominant On One Side Of Your Body?

If So, Try These Side Planks

Nearly everyone on the planet is  Dominant on One Side of their body – and for the majority of the people, it’s the Right Side; simply because most people are Right Handed.  This condition usually is identified with the Right Shoulder Lower than the Left, the feet Duck Footed, and the Torso rotated to the Left. 

What does this have to do with golf?  Plenty!!  Because if a person is too over dominant (say on the Right Side), they’re more prone to come ‘Over the Top’ in their downswing, simply because the Left Side isn’t  ‘As Stable’ and allows the right hip and shoulder to be thrown ‘Outside’. ( Not to mention have a harder time turning easier on the Back Swing).

THE BEST way to cure your body of this, is by getting on a complete all around Flexibility and Strength Program that spends more time strengthening  each side of the body.

SIDE PLANKS are a GREAT WAY to isolate each side of the Body and strengthen the weaker side so that the Stronger Side won’t dominate.

In the today’s video, we’re showing to versions of Side Planks….On the FlooR – and against a Wall.

Give these Side Planks some practice, and you’ll begin to notice More Balance in your Body….AND, Golf Swing!

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A Basic Stretch To Keep Your Hips Flexible

On and Off The Golf Course

There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that the Sitting Down, Forward Bending Lifestyle that pervades our culture is one of – if not THE – main reasons why our bodies our breaking down at an alarming rate!

Because we’re ‘Hunters and Gatherers’, Nature designed us to MOVE! And when we’re moving, all of the bodies systems are activated, including Circulation – Digestive – Respiratory, Cardiovascular, etc. Obviously sitting down as much as we do also retards Leg Strength as well as preventing oxygen, blood, and neuron floor to the brain.

Obviously, the answer to this is to MOVE MORE, but when you don’t have time, a simple stretch like I’m demonstrating in today’s video – performed a few times a day for less than a minute, will certainly help keep our hips from tightening up and allow us to keep in better shape – ON and OFF the Course!

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For More Stability In Your Body and Golf Swing

Do Some "Sit To Stands" Periodically Throughout the Day

Lack of stability in your lower body– and being unable to stay in your spine angle, is often the result of having weak Glutes and Tight Hip Flexors.  Because the entire body is a UNIT where all the muscle chains work in unison with one another, there are other reasons, but weak glutes are usually a major part of the problem.  

WHY you ask?  Because we live in a culture where we SIT DOWN TOO MUCH, and consequently don’t walk and MOVE enough!  Therefore, the old adage of ‘If you don’t use it – you’ll Lose it’ applies here. 

I’ve never seen a tour player who had weak glutes, BUT, I’ve seen plenty of high handicappers and senior citizens that do.  

In the video above, I explain a simple exercise called SIT TO STANDS  that will absolutely strengthen your glutes – as well as improve your leg and hip strength.  Just doing these a few times a day will definitely help strengthen your glutes and posture, and get your golf game – and Health


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Is Your Posture Getting “Slouchy”?

If So, Begin Implementing Sit To Stands In Your Excersises

As you’ve heard me say Many Times, Sitting Down too much plays havoc on the human body in a multitude of ways. From Weakening our Legs and Core, too tightening our Hip Flexors, and especially Rounding our bodies and creating The C-Curve ‘UNDER’ POSTURE, – Which, is a sure sign of weakness and stifles our circulation!

As far as the golf swing goes, we NEED strong legs and a strong upright back to allow a natural shifting and rotating of the hips – not to mention maintain a stable spine angle.

A simple exercise to maintain your strength and posture is the SIT TO STAND exercise which will help your body and golf swing in virtually every area.

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