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Standing Up Through Impact

(And Not ‘Stand Up’ through the shot)

Having Trouble Staying in your Spine Angle?

Coming UP and OUT of your swing (or Standing Up -Early Extension as they say these days), is one of THE most common swing faults that we see – especially among senior citizens. A few of the problems that arise from ‘Standing Up’ are: Unloading of the Hips and Lower Body – Losing Shoulder Coil – Poor Weight Transfer – Casting – etc., etc. In today’s video I’m demonstrating a higher handicapper Standing Up, and Sergio Garcia staying in his Spine Angle.

All great players COIL their muscles with the upper torso against the lower torso, which creates some ‘Big Time’ Energy and Power! It also allows us have better balance and communication with the ground. However, when one Stands Up, they lose all of the Contraction that we’re trying to achieve.

In many cases, the cause of Coming UP and OUT is often times found in tight or weak Glutes and Hip Flexors, not to mention dysfunctions in our Lower Body Muscles, Ie. Tight or weak Quads and Hamstrings. If this is true for you, my #1 Suggestion is to get back on my Flexibility Programs and regain the Range of Motion that our golf swings so desperately need.

Maintain Your Spine Angle

These photos show a Great Drill to practice to Stay in your Spine Angle. Merely stand against a wall in an Address Position with both Glutes against the wall. Then, make some backswings making sure your right Fanny stays on the wall (you’ll notice that your left glute slightly gets pulled off it), and on the Through Swing, your Left Fanny presses against the wall (with your right glute off).

This drill is GREAT, and when you master it, you won’t believe how much more Consistent and Powerful your golf swing will become!

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Turn And Side Bend


What is Shoulder Turn and Side Bend in the Golf Swing?

The term ‘Shoulder Turn’ has been around for a long, long time, but in my view, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, it can be misleading to a lot of people. In reality to have proper golf swing form, the spine and clavicles do turn, but there’s also quite a bit of ‘Side Bending’ going on.

Proper Golf Swing Form

In other words, you don’t want to Just Turn, but you also want the Left Shoulder to Tilt Downward towards the ball. Doing so, will accomplish several positive things: One being that you’ll ‘load’ more force/contraction into your Right hip – not to mention the ground; plus you’ll be Coiling your upper trunk much more powerfully; this in turn keeps you in much better control of your arms.

Remember, in the human body, the BIG MUSCLES CONTROL LITTLE MUSCLES, and if the Upper Trunk and the Lower Trunk aren’t jiving with each other, the arms will tend to flail out of control.


In Today’s video, I’ll explain the difference between ‘Turning and Side Bending’ which will hopefully get your golf game Headed in the Right Direction.

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Chair Pose

Strong Glutes and Functional Hip Flexors are Crucial to playing good golf! When people don’t have ample Strength and Function in these areas, they are going to have a hard time maintaining a solid base in their lower bodies; And without a solid base, the upper body won’t have anything to coil against and will often take over making it an arms and shoulders only swing.

Sit down at address

For years, I’ve seen golf instructors tell their students to ‘Stick their butt out’ – ‘Get their backs straight’, etc., but the truth is; when the student tries to do this, they’ll be straining and actually putting tension in their golf swings – let alone, when they begin to swing and the forces are then placed down upon the torso, the golfer will inevitably ‘Come Out’ of their spine angle and lose all control.

A simple exercise to remedy this situation which will actually Strengthen the Glutes and Back, is called THE CHAIR POSE. This pose can be done anytime, anywhere, and preferably a few times during the day, especially if you’re sitting down a lot.

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating a couple of ways to do the Chair Pose, and you can actually do them Actively (Hold for 1-2 seconds and standing up), or Static, where you can hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.

Either way, the Chair Pose will definitely help you On and Off the Course!

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Stretch with Both Halves

(With help from the Posture Fit Bar)

In attempting to perform a stretch, many people will ‘Cheat’ by Compensating and getting out of Proper Alignment. In today’s video, I’m demonstrating a typical example of this, where I show when people try to stretch their hamstrings, they’ll often either a). Bend their knees to get down lower, and/or b). Round their shoulders in attempt to get their hands to touch the floor. These types of compensations don’t allow themselves to fully stretch the targeted area – in this case the hamstrings; And, Rounding the Shoulders will then diminish the effectiveness of stretching out the pecs.

Posture Fit Bar

Because many people are competitive with themselves (especially us guys), the best rule of thumb to follow is to be Patient, and get into proper alignment FIRST before going deeper into the stretch. You’ll find that this makes you Breathe Deeper which then will allow you to stretch Deeper!

REMEMBER, it’s not how far down you go in a stretch that counts, It’s how ‘Deep’ you Breathe into the pose that takes you deeper.

I also like Props, and the POSTURE FIT BAR is a GREAT Tool to use to maintain the integrity of the pose, and can also be used as a Strengthening tool.

So remember, when Stretching and/or doing other exercises, get aligned First then BREATHE!

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Supported Sitting

(Our Bodies will always Mold itself into whatever it’s doing over long periods of time!)

How to stop posture issues while sitting

It’s no secret by now that Sitting Down too much is a major reason why we have so many health and posture problems in our culture today. No Doubt, the Sedentary Life Style that pervades our culture weakens and affects virtually every system in our bodies; including the circulatory and respiratory systems. ( Not to mention, tightens up and restricts our golf swings!).

Poor Posture Restricts Blood Flow

Because our Bodies will Mold itself into whatever it’s doing over long periods of time, it’s a good idea, to put a pillow or cushion behind our backs and against the back of the chair when we’re sitting. By doing this, you’ll help prevent Slouching that will certainly play havoc on your health.

And although this tip will help you maintain good posture and well being, don’t forget that to get your body into excellent health and fitness, an all around program involving the Lower – Mid – and Upper Torso, should be included. Which is what my Flexibility and Posture Restoration Programs will do!

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The Dick Mayer Drill



What is the best amount of Golf Backswing?

In my experience, a very high percentage of amateurs have ‘Too Many’ Moving Parts going on in their golf backswings, and Over Swinging is certainly one of those excessive moving parts.

Usually golfers over swing for Two Reasons:

1) Because they’re trying to hit the ball too far, and

2) Their lack of flexibility forces them to make compensations throughout their swings.

The truth is however, that a person doesn’t necessarily have to have a long swing to hit the ball far. One such example is Tony Finau who is a Monster Hitter, and who takes it back unusually short – especially for a tall man. Although he takes it back short with his arms, the truth is that he makes a powerful shoulder coil against the resistance of his lower body. This creates a strong X-Factor as my friend Jim McClean calls it I.e. the differential between a person’s shoulders and hips, and results in more power.

One of my friends was the late Dick Mayer who was one of the great players in the 1950’s and also the 1957 U.S. Open Champion and Player of the year. Dick told me that he used to practice quite a bit with the legendary Ben Hogan down in Texas, and often times Hogan would practice with the drill that I’m showing in today’s video. When asked why he did this drill, Hogan replied that “he wanted to eliminate any excessive motion in his backswing which then would also allow him to move more freely through the ball.

I’ve been using this drill and teaching it for years, and one thing my students are all amazed at is how far they can hit it without any excessive movements or strain. In honor of Dick, I named this drill – ‘The Dick Mayer Drill’.

Give this drill a try, and let me know what you think.

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Impact Drills for the Impact Bag


Try this Impact Drill with the Impact Bag


When it comes right down to it, a golfers Golf Swing PLUS ALL golf instruction is geared to achieve One thing: Get the club head squarely on the ball at Impact with the maximum amount of force going into the ball. This impact drill will help you do exactly that.

To do this, the golfer has to have his weight and body rotation moving INTO the ball. When taking a look at Tour Players, we’ll see two major positions with the overwhelming majority of them:

A) [For Right Hander’s] We’ll see the majority of the weight shifted onto their Left Foot, and,

B) On the Top of the Backswing, they’ll turn their Shoulders approximately twice as much as their hips; but at Impact, their Hips will be turned approximately Twice as much as their Shoulders.

Obviously, possessing ample flexibility in the Shoulders and Hips allow the body to coil and move easier.

A Great way to get into a solid IMPACT position is by using the Impact Bag. Not only will you learn the F-E-E-L of a solid impact position, but as I demonstrate in today’s video, you can also use it to help correct several swing faults, such as: Over the Top, Too Inside Out, Too Wide or Narrow Arc, plus learn to Draw and Fade the ball.

Get Yours Today!

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Glutes in Golf

Sitting down too much weakens our bodies – ESPECIALLY OUR GLUTES AND LEGS! Because the Golf swing demands Upper Body Flexibility and Strengthening in the Lower Body, a person who has weak Glutes is generally going to have a hard time achieving lower body stability and be forced to rely on their arms and hands for their power and consistency. What we want in the golf swing is a combination of the Arms, Hands, Lower and Upper Bodies to be in sync with each other. Plus a strong Lower Body helps us maintain Balance and allow our Upper Body to coil powerfully against the Lower.

In today’s video from The Posture System™, I’ll show you two variations on how to strengthen your Glutes and Legs with some basic squats, and also show you a modified version you can do against a wall. These can be done any time, and if you’ve noticed, I normally always end my Flexibility Programs with the Air Bench (the Assisted Squat against the wall).

Learn More about The Posture System™

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Rotated Posture

Coming Over the Top


‘COMING OVER THE TOP’ is probably THE most common swing fault in golf, and the odds are that at some time in your golf career, you’ve come ‘Over It’ and have tried a lot of things to ‘Cure It.’ Whether it’s Swinging more Inside Out – Taking it back Flatter – Turning the Right Hip Deeper – Don’t Slide your hips, ad infinitum, a lot of things ‘may’ have worked – but the odds are they were temporary.

One place where you might not have looked is in your Posture. Yes that’s right… Your Posture.

Because we live primarily in a Right Handed World, and where approximately 90% of the population is right handed, over time we naturally develop stronger and tighter right sides – especially in our hips and shoulders. Consequently, if you look at the majority of our population – especially the golf population – you’ll notice that the Right Shoulder in the majority of people is Lower and Forward than their Left Shoulder; and consequently when they line up, their shoulders are actually angled and aiming off to the Left. (Also, because the right hand is Lower on the club than the Left, the right shoulder is pulled even more forward.) What does this have to do with Over the Top?

Because the right side is tighter in this posture type, the right shoulder has a harder time turning behind the ball on the backswing due to the muscle restrictions; it then tends to ‘force’ the hands and club to the outside. Coupled with the Left Side being weaker and less stable, it will tend to spin out, giving way to the dominance of the stronger and tighter right side (again, due to the right side ‘throwing’ the Right Shoulder, Arm, and Club to the ‘Outside’) thus cutting across the ball.

The best way to help this condition is to Straighten Out your posture and get better balance and symmetry in your body.

One of my programs in THE POSTURE SYSTEM Video Series is the ROTATED POSTURE PROGRAM, and doing this program along with your Golf Swing Drills will certainly help get that club dropping to the inside and hitting that pretty little Draw!

Order The Posture System™

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(But what if the golfer has poor posture to begin with?)



Although golf instruction has come a long, long way, the fact remains that handicaps have rarely (if at all) have come down over the last 40 years – despite the fact that Golf Technology, Course Conditioning, and Instruction has gotten incredibly better! And as golfers get older and begin to lose flexibility, strength, and good posture, their golf games usually suffer.

I feel that the main reason for this is because a lot of people can’t physically do what their instructors want them to do. For example, one of the things that golf instructors stress is GETTING INTO A PROPER ADDRESS POSITION AND THEN MAINTAINING THEIR SPINE ANGLE THROUGHOUT THEIR SWING.

This sounds simple enough, but my contention is what if a person has poor posture to begin with? The fact is that Poor Posture is nothing more than muscle imbalances and tightness throughout the body, and ESPECIALLY involving the muscles on the front (anterior) and back (posterior) sides of their bodies. In other words, when you see a person with a jutted forward head (above), rounded shoulders, and a severe hip tilt, you know that the muscle chains on the (front) side of their bodies have shortened and are pulling the torso forward. Thus, when the instructor tells them to ‘lift their chest’, stick their butt out, etc., the person is trying to do something the muscles don’t want to do! Doing the simple slant board exercises using the in the video will certainly help stretch out both sides of your torso and make it A LOT easier to do what your instructor wants you to do.

Order Your Slant Board Now »

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Walker or Runner?

Over a lifetime of playing golf, I’ve been blessed to have gotten to know and worked with scores of thousands of amazing people; both amateurs and professionals; But THE most inspirational person and golfer is my hero, Gary Player. His example, On and Off the course, is truly inspirational. (And, I also enjoy the fact that we both have the same birthday 😃).

As everyone knows, Gary is a legendary fitness buff, but even more importantly, has the most positive mind set of any champion I’ve ever been around. And, it’s not a coincidence that now at age 83, he’s in as good a shape as anyone in the world his age… and the majority of people younger!

Gary and I have had many conversations about Health & Fitness and are both baffled at how so many people would ‘rather have their colon cut out’, than to change their diet… And, how so many people say ‘they just don’t have the time’ to spend on THE most important aspect of their lives… Their Health!!

REMEMBER: You don’t have to work out like a 20 year old athlete going through NFL combine to achieve Great Health and Fitness. Even spending 10 – 20 minutes a day will do wonders for your Body – Mind – and Golf Swing!!

I hope you MAKE THE DECISION to improve the quality of your Health & Fitness in 2019!

Walker or Runner?


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It's Never Too Late to Start

After having 2 knee surgeries and 2 major wrist surgeries in my 20’s, I became somewhat crippled (not to mention my golf game had gone into the tank). Eventually, I met a phenomenal Physical Trainer that emphatically told me that if I didn’t get my body back into anatomical function, I was only going to get worse – as I continued on into the ‘Back Nine of Life”. He told me in no uncertain terms, that ‘I’ HAD TO MAKE THE DECISION, and that no one else could do it for me. I MADE THE DECISION TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY HEALTH; and the rest as they say…is history. Following the program and philosophy he outlined for me, in a short amount of time, I got into the best shape of my life and also set two course records in San Diego County. Today, I only spend around 20 minutes a day (of doing the Right Stuff), and maintain an excellent level of health.

After getting into the Golf Instruction and Fitness Industry, over the last 33 years, I’ve had thousands upon thousands of people who come to see me for help with their bodies and their golf swings.

Not coincidentally, the people that MAKE THE DECISION to spend around 10-20 minutes a day on their bodies – doing the Right Exercises the Right Way – ALWAYS improve their bodies, minds, and Yes… Golf Swings! The ones that don’t… seldom improve either.

The lady in today’s video is truly an inspiration, and as she says, you only need around 10-20 minutes a day – especially in breathing properly, to maintain great health and longevity.

Let’s make 2019 the year you’re going to MAKE THE DECISION!!

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Let’s Define Centration

Back in my early twenties, I had a professional golf career cut short due to TWO Knee surgeries and TWO  MAJOR wrist surgeries; after which my golf swing was never quite the same.  My story is not unique because for decades, I’ve had people come to me who’ve had multiple surgeries throughout their bodies and limbs – many of them for the SAME injury; and a high percentage of them are still dysfunctional. (On that note, I think the record for the most surgeries I’ve seen was 19 from a guy who came to me last year).  Again, It’s not uncommon for me to see people who’ve had multiple surgeries, and as they’ve gotten older, are in worse shape, often times not being able to play golf anymore.


Then, why do so many surgeries not ‘Fix’ the problem?  In fact, the last statistics that I’ve heard is that around 30% of Back Surgeries are Re-Do’s.

In My Opinion & Experience, I believe that despite the incredible new procedures in medicine, that the majority of surgeries address the ‘SITE OF THE PAIN’ (and injury) and not the ‘SOURCE OF IT’.

The fact of the matter is; that if a person’s body is out of proper alignment, there will be friction and load bear pressure applied elsewhere (just like when the misalignment of the chassis of the car blew out the wheel).  When the joints of the body line up, friction is then taken off of the joints which will usually prevent and eliminate the pain.  This is called JOINT CENTRATION.

Getting your body back into the design that Nature’s gave us will certainly help rehab and restore your body – and get you back on the golf course!

This is why I created THE POSTURE SYSTEM VIDEO SERIES – where you can find out what Posture Type you are; and more importantly, WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

Get The Posture System

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A Great Way to Visualize Your Shot and Stay Behind it!

Visualize Your Shot

This video is Exclusively for Members.Play ButtonBecome a Member Now

Moving ‘in front’ of the ball on a Driver is a sure way to reduce distance – and consistency! Because the ball is teed up, you need to make sure that you’re coming in from behind it; which will automatically allow you to hit up on it. Remember; The Formula for distance is Mass X Velocity squared; ie. How much you move your Body ‘MASS’ into the ball. In this video I share a tip about how to make this move easier – WITHOUT TRYING to change your swing! Watch the video below

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Katherine Roberts Testimonial


I invite you to check out my 5 Part Video Series THE POSTURE SYSTEM, and begin to enjoy better health & fitness – Just Like I did!

In this video, my dear friend and colleague Katherien Roberts talks about some of the facets of being in better posture.

Katherine Roberts is the President and Founder of Yoga for Baseball and Yoga for Golfers. In the video, Katherine speaks to the importance of good posture, flexibility, and her experience training Professional Athletes.

Be sure to leave a comment for Roger below!

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Introduction to The Posture System Programs


Poor posture is one of the leading causes of health problems. The Posture System™ by Roger Fredericks is a 5 part Video Series designed to help restore your posture into proper alignment. By Relaxing, Stretching, and then Strengthening your body in the proper sequence, you’ll be on your way to Better Posture.

Be sure to leave a comment to Roger below.

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Arm Presses


This simple pose is something I do nearly every day – especially when my body gets out of posture. The Wall Drop with Arm Presses does wonders by not only helping  the pelvis get back into position by stretching out the Calves, Hamstrings, and Glutes, but also by pressing your shoulders and arms into the wall, which fires and strengthens your upper  back and shoulder muscles.  A Flexible Lower Body and a strong back is a good combination!

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Balancing Your Body with the Power Fan


The Power Swing Fan is a fabulous tool for increasing power in your golf swing.  However, overusing one side of the body can over time, actually hinder your Accelerator and Decelerator muscles.  Swinging the Power Swing Fan Left Handed like I demonstrate here, will actually crate better balance and Power Up the Decelerator muscles on your weaker side.  Having better balance among the muscles will then REALLY give you mo power!

Order the Swing Fan Today!

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