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  • arnieandme.png Arnie and MeRoger Fredericks joins Arnold Palmer on The Golf Channel Academy Live discussing Arnold's career and his flexibility.
  • canvas58.png Static Back PressA simple pose that will do wonders for you – especially suppressing back pain. In a short amount of time, you’ll begin to feel your back begin to ‘melt’ into the floor.  As the body relaxes, you’ll find that your pelvis will relax which will then ‘let go’ of it’s grip on the spine. You […]
  • canvas57.png Just BreatheIn this video clip, I explain to Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose – Founders of The Titleist Performance Institute, precisely how breathing is crucial for superb flexibility.
  • canvas53.png Lat TestThe lats play a huge role in determining how much extension you’re going to have in your swing. Take this test and see how you do.  If your test turns out poorly, it’s time to get on my complete Flexibility program.
  • canvas50.png Shoulder Segment with TPIHere I’m demonstrating some stretching and strengthening exercises with Dave Phillips  and Dr. Greg Rose, which will enhance your back extension in your golf swing – not to mention allow you to achieve better posture. One of THE most important fundamentals in the golf swing is maintaining your spine angle in your swing – and […]
  • canvas32.png Importance of FlexibilityIn this video, I’m giving you a short overview of ‘Why’ flexibility is so important in the golf swing.  If you’re now depressed because you’re not flexible, don’t worry – because  – Everybody, no matter what the age can improve the range of motion in their bodies ‘If they stretch the right muscles – the […]
  • canvas28.png Explanation of the HamstringsExercise – Explanation of the Hamstrings and their function in the golf swing.  Tight hamstrings and their corresponding muscles play a MAJOR role in the golf swing!  These muscles affect your lower body in a big way – AND, the Lower body dictates to the upper body during the swing.  If your Hammies and lower […]
  • canvas27.png Importance of BreathingUnfortunately, I've found that the majority of people in our culture actually Breathe improperly.  This is largely due to the Forward Flextion – sitting down culture that we live in.  Proper breathing begins in the lower diaphragm with the oxygen bellowing upwards.  People whose  hips and shoulders are out of position nearly always breathe from […]
  • canvas25.png Testing Your Shoulder TurnIn this video, I invite you to test your shoulder turn so that you can determine just how much you should try to turn.  This test is very revealing and give you a good baseline of your ability to ‘turn and load’.