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  • GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR GOLF SWING FAULTS (With My FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS TO INFLEXIBLE SWING FAULTS SERIES)MUSCLES control bones, and How muscles function also determine our golf swing patterns. (Yes, our emotions also play a big part in this but we won’t get into them today). Therefore, if a person has Tight or Imbalanced Muscles, their golf swing will be Tight and Imbalanced. And conversely, if a person has ample Flexibility, […]
  • The Plop Shot TRY THE ‘PLOP’ METHOD OF CHIPPING WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH GREENOne of the ‘Tricky’ Shots in golf is when you’re just off the green but don’t have very much green to work with. If the lie is perfect and you’re just on the fringe, it’s usually a good idea to putt it – BUT, in most circumstances, I suggest you try the ‘PLOP SHOT’ – […]
  • Putting Stroke DEVELOPING THE FEEL OF THE ARMS-SHOULDERS IN YOUR STROKEIt’s very easy for your putting stroke to get out of sorts and get ‘choppy’. This can manifest by cutting your Back Stroke off too soon – stabbing at the ball, breaking your wrists down, etc. On those days when I just don’t seem to have my Rhythm and Feel, I’ll take the Putter and […]
  • 486645674_600x340.jpg Impact Drills for the Impact BagWhen it comes right down to it, a golfers Golf Swing PLUS ALL golf instruction is geared to achieve One thing: Get the club head squarely on the ball at Impact with the maximum amount of force going into the ball. To do this, the golfer has to have his weight and body rotation moving […]
  • GET OFF YOUR RIGHT SIDE!!ALL great golfers make a great transition Off of their Back Foot and onto their Front Foot. In other words they all have excellent weight transfers, and with the majority of them, you’ll see their right heels off of the ground pretty early in the downswing. Although a few good players keep their Back Foot […]
  • Squats STRENGTHEN YOUR GLUTES AND LEGS WITH SQUATSSitting down too much weakens our bodies – ESPECIALLY OUR GLUTES AND LEGS! Because the Golf swing demands Upper Body Flexibility and Strengthening in the Lower Body, a person who has weak Glutes is generally going to have a hard time achieving lower body stability and be forced to rely on their arms and hands […]
  • Visualize Your Putt VISUALIZING YOUR PUTTS(Let your mind program your body) The longer I’m in the golf world (and life for that matter!), I’ve come to realize that golf – like life, is all in your mind. Now you may be thinking; why then do I spend so much time trying to improve people’s bodies? And the answer to that […]
  • BEN HOGAN’S FIVE LESSONS(But did he really play that way?) Picture from Hogan’s Book on the left, Hogan himself on the right. Ben Hogan is considered by many to be THE greatest ball striker of all time, and he’s probably the only Great player that I never had a chance to see in person from the early 60’s […]
  • Rotated Posture TWO QUESTIONS…IF YOUR ANSWER TO BOTH QUESTIONS IS YES…THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO ON ROTATED POSTURE! ‘COMING OVER THE TOP’ is probably THE most common swing fault in golf, and the odds are that at some time in your golf career, you’ve come ‘Over It’ and have tried a lot of things to ‘Cure It.’ Whether it’s […]
  • THE TWO MAIN THINGS THAT ARNOLD PALMER TOLD ME HE WORKED ON IN HIS SWINGBecause it’s the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Classic this week, I thought I’d share a couple of the things that he worked on in his swing. #1 HE TRIED TO GET AS ‘DEEP’ THROUGH THE BALL AS HE COULD Although during the years that I worked with him we were primarily focused on his flexibility […]
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  • Turn Over The Chair
    A Drill to Blend Weight Shift and Torso Rotation – TURN OVER THE CHAIR DRILLThe Golf Swing has many different facets and there are thousands of aspects that can be looked at; but in short, I believe that THE TWO major factors are Weight Transfer and Rotation. Along these lines, there are legions of different ways to make a back swing, but the majority of good players have a […]
  • Clear Your Left Side at Impact
    LEARN TO CLEAR YOUR LEFT SIDE WITH THIS SIMPLE DRILLVery seldom do I see a high handicapper who’s in a good Impact Position, and very seldom do I ever see a good player who’s in a bad Impact Position…..Hmmm? The majority of golf instruction seems to be focused on getting into a good backswing position – so that the golfer will automatically be able […]
  • Stop at the Top
    CURE BEING TOO QUICK WITH THE – STOP AT THE TOP DRILLWithout question, there is nothing more important in the golf swing than BALANCE – RHYTHM – and (especially) TIMING! As I mention in today’s video, you can have the greatest Swing Mechanics in the world, but if your Timing is off, it won’t do you much good. And, the reverse is true: i.e., you can […]
  • Putting Drill
    A SIMPLE PUTTING DRILL TO: MAKE THE PUTTER A ‘PART’ OF YOUR BODY – AND NOT ‘APART’ FROM YOUR BODYI think a lot of golfers put too much emphasis on trying to manipulate the golf club instead of relying on the Rhythm of the Shoulders to have the golf club actually be an EXTENSION of their bodies. Obviously, there’ll be times when you need to hit a certain type of shot, where you’ll need […]
  • Starting the Downswing
    ‘SLIGHTLY’ PRESS INTO YOUR RIGHT FOOT TO START YOUR DOWNSWINGEverybody always asks “What starts the Downswing?” And WITHOUT QUESTION, everybody answers “The Lower Body”…Period! Some great players feel the Left Hip Shifting and Turning, others feel like their pushing off of their right foot, ad infinitum. One thing for sure that our force pressure plates prove that there’s a slight ‘Spike’ of pressure going […]
  • Rhomboid Stretches
    A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE STRETCH FOR THE RHOMBOIDSA SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE STRETCH FOR THE RHOMBOIDS – For better extension and coil. One thing I learned years ago was the body is ONE BIG WORKING UNIT, where everything is linked together. For example, our Hips control our Shoulders – and our Shoulders control our Arms, etc. Often times when my students come to […]
  • The Pull Back Drill
    ELIMINATE EXCESSIVE MOVEMENT IN YOUR GOLF SWINGNo doubt in my mind, the average amateur has too much excessive movement throughout their swings. This can manifest by ‘herky jerky’ motions – swaying – lifting – and, especially having the arms get OUT OF SYNC with the lower body. One of the most – if not THE most – popular drills I give […]
  • Develop FEEL on the Putting Green
    HOW TO DEVELOP ‘F-E-E-L’ IN YOUR PUTTING STROKE BEFORE YOUR ROUND BEGINSDeveloping Feel is crucial for Putting (not to mention your overall golf swing for that matter!) As a young man, I walked onto the putting green at Wilshire CC in Los Angeles to practice my putting.  I immediately walked up to a hole and dropped a few balls around 5 feet from the cup and […]
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    DEVELOP FEEL AND PERCEPTION WITH THE ONE HANDED DRILLOne of the most common mistakes people make in putting is putting ‘To the Ball’ and not ‘Through’ to the target. And, the most common reason people do that is Tension. Getting too tense will almost certainly retard your stroke and take away your rhythm. Although there are some great putters who ‘stabbed’ their putts, […]
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    GET IN BALANCE IN YOUR PUTTING STANCE TO GET TOP SPINAlthough there are a lot of ways to stand for Putting, one thing is for sure – we want to get Top Spin on the ball so that it rolls true and won’t be as susceptible to the variances in the grass. Hitting down on it will certainly make the ball ‘hop’ and get out […]