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Control Your Wedges By Your Shoulder Rotation

I feel that one of the main reasons that amateurs don’t get better results with their
Wedges is because they try to keep ‘too still’ in their swings.  Ie, they sometimes try to keep their body static and just use the hands and arms.

Remember, that controlling your wedges depends on how well you control your shoulders.  

For example:

If you want to hit the shot lower, you can pretty much keep your shoulders more level and trap the ball.  On the other hand, if you want to hit the ball higher, try to Rotate  your Shoulders FASTER through the shot!

Think of playing Ping Pong; if your opponent is way back beyond his side of the table, and you want to hit a soft cut shot barely dropping over the net with a lot of spin, then you’d open up the paddle, and Rotate your Shoulders Faster through the shot.  The same thing in golf applies when you’re hitting different types of wedge shots.

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Short Shots Over Bunkers Around The Green

A Lot of people have trouble hitting short pitches over a bunker around the green, and I feel one of the main reasons is that they don’t set up to the ball properly – and don’t ROTATE!

Rather than trying to ‘Keep your Head Down’ and Keep Still, try imagining your hitting a short cut shot in Ping Pong  just over the net.

In today’s video, I’ll demonstrate just how to do it

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In Putting; Focus On The Hole…Not the Stroke!!

By now, you’ve probably seen Phil Mickelson ‘staring’ at his intended shot and putt as part of his pre shot routine..  He’s said that part of his improved play at 51 years of age is due to his conditioning – and MENTAL visualization techniques.   He now stands behind the ball for a considerable time until he ‘See’s’ the intended shot  he wants to hit.

AND, he’s obviously doing incredibly well – since he became the oldest man to ever win a major championship last year!  Phil says he’s doing more visualization work because as he’s gotten older, he tends to lose his concentration and focus faster, and this technique keeps his mind/body ‘In the Game’.   

I’ve been blessed to have worked with over 75 PGA Tour Players including 7 Hall of Famers, and THE MAIN DIFFERENCE between them and everybody else is in their minds and their Creative Imaginations.

In today’s video, I’m giving you some stats and pointers on how to SEE the putt better and playing more in your mind – and not in your body!

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Eliminate Excess Movement with The Pullback Drill

Without a doubt, I think the majority of high handicap golfers ‘Move Too Much’ in their swings and have too many unnecessary and wasted movements.  

One of the reasons tour player’s golf swings look so effortless is because they don’t have any hitches ad glitches, and their swings are actually very simple motions  where not much can go wrong.

Years ago, one of my longtime friends and 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Malaska showed me a drill called the PULL BACK DRILL – which comes in 3 parts, and is simple to execute.  What I couldn’t (and still can’t believe) is that I absolutely Couldn’t Miss when hitting my shots with this drill! Whenever you feel that your swing gets off, and has too many excessive movements, give the PULL BACK DRILL a try, and it’ll surely get your swing centered and powerful!

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