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A Tip from Bruce Lee: Don’t Think F-E-E-L


What does f-e-e-l have to do with Golf?

I’ve always loved this clip from Bruce Lee’s ENTER THE DRAGON’ where he’s teaching his student ‘Not To Think…But F-E-E-L’.  He then uses the example of pointing a finger at the moon; ie, if you “concentrate on the finger, you’ll miss all that heavenly glory”.

This principle is ‘So True’ when applying to hitting golf shots.  Using this analogy, think of the finger as being your golf swing and don’t focus so much on your golf swing – but rather the ‘heavenly glory’ of the ball streaking towards the pin. Having played with and worked with hundreds of Great Players all my life, I’ve learned that the main difference between amateurs and pros is how they  visualize and F-e-e-L their shots before they hit the ball.  Pros play golf as if it were a chess game, ie plotting  precisely where they want the ball to end up and then rehearsing their shots and swings to match the intended shot. On the other hand, the majority of high handicappers are usually playing ‘Swing’ rather than playing ’Shots’.  (I also know a lot of high handicappers who don’t even aim!).

I think that the HARDEST THING TO DO IN GOLF IS TO TRUST YOUR SWING! And even when a high handicapper focuses their energy on ‘just the shot’ and the shot doesn’t come off as they had visualized it, they then try to figure out what went wrong in their swing. Instead of trying to ‘figure it out’ TRUST it and keep on putting your focused energy into the ball going to the target – No Matter What!

Phil Shot Track

Over the years I have worked with many of the top golfers in the world and one thing that stood out with all of them was their ability to see things in a different way than the everyday golfer. I was also lucky enough to work with the great Bobby Foster who has put together a mental profile test that can help you best understand your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend everyone take this test to see where they stand. Click below to take yours today. 

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dick meyer drill



What is the best amount of Golf Backswing?

In my experience, a very high percentage of amateurs have ‘Too Many’ Moving Parts going on in their golf backswings, and Over Swinging is certainly one of those excessive moving parts.

Usually golfers over swing for Two Reasons:

1) Because they’re trying to hit the ball too far, and

2) Their lack of flexibility forces them to make compensations throughout their swings.

The truth is however, that a person doesn’t necessarily have to have a long swing to hit the ball far. One such example is Tony Finau who is a Monster Hitter, and who takes it back unusually short – especially for a tall man. Although he takes it back short with his arms, the truth is that he makes a powerful shoulder coil against the resistance of his lower body. This creates a strong X-Factor as my friend Jim McClean calls it I.e. the differential between a person’s shoulders and hips, and results in more power.

One of my friends was the late Dick Mayer who was one of the great players in the 1950’s and also the 1957 U.S. Open Champion and Player of the year. Dick told me that he used to practice quite a bit with the legendary Ben Hogan down in Texas, and often times Hogan would practice with the drill that I’m showing in today’s video. When asked why he did this drill, Hogan replied that “he wanted to eliminate any excessive motion in his backswing which then would also allow him to move more freely through the ball.

I’ve been using this drill and teaching it for years, and one thing my students are all amazed at is how far they can hit it without any excessive movements or strain. In honor of Dick, I named this drill – ‘The Dick Mayer Drill’.

Give this drill a try, and let me know what you think.