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The Perfect Christmas Gift for You or Your Friends

posture shirt


muscle imbalancesWhether it’s improving  one’s Flexibility, Health, Golf Swing, etc., I sincerely believe that a person has to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN WELL BEING , and change their actions and belief systems.  In other words, Self Improvement is an ‘Inside Job’. 

Nobody can give you good health or a golf game.  This also goes for POSTURE RESTORATION. 

HOWEVER, a few years ago, I came across an amazing product called THE ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT which automatically improves your posture – JUST BY WEARING IT! 

With the Bands stitched into the fabric, the shirt automatically pulls your shoulders back, Lifts your Chest, and does wonders for your sense of well being.  On a side note, I have most of my Tour Players wear the shirt – specially when they travel on airplanes , and they’re always amazed when the flight is over at how tall they’re standing!

If you haven’t tried the Alignmed Posture Shirt, I highly recommend that you get one – and get one for a friend as a Christmas Present. 

Trust me, it’s not to late to ‘GET IT ON’!

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Left Knee Problems




It seems like Hip and Knee Surgeries and Replacements have become epidemic in our culture and it’s apparent to me that the LEFT Knee seems to one of the most common injuries that we’re seeing.        I don’t think it’s coincidental that the THREE greatest names on the PGA Tour – Tiger Woods, Brooks       Koepka, and Dustin Johnson have all recently had LEFT Knee Surgeries.    (For Tiger, this is his 5thLeft Knee Surgery!).

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that all 3 of these men are HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTERS.  Why is that a factor you ask?  Here’s Why:

  1. These guys have been playing golf since they were young boys making the dynamic RIGHT to LEFT golf motion millions of times growing up, while also playing other RIGHT to LEFT Sports. Whether you’re throwing or hitting a baseball, hitting tennis balls, or hitting golf balls with the same RIGHT to LEFT motion millions of times, you’re going to end up with a Stronger and Dominant Right Side – thus overpowering the Less Stable Left Side. After millions of ‘reps’ the torso and neuron patterns will get out of proper alignment and when that happens, FRICTION will be placed on the muscles and joints; and over time, the joint will eventually wear down and get injured.
  2. Then when that person begins a Heavy Weight Lifting Program, more and more STRESS and FORCES are going to be placed on that joint; which often drives the athlete to the Surgeon. The Surgeon then ‘Fixes’ the injured joint and the athlete feels like he’s now Back in the Game.

BUT, like Tiger, what often happens, is that the Surgery only took care of the Scene of the Crime, but not the CAUSE of it.  Again, the CAUSE of the injury is usually the muscle imbalances in the body.

Louise Hay, the late Motivational and Holistic Author said it best:

“If a physician performs a surgery on a person, but doesn’t change the CAUSE of the dis-ease, they are simply prolonging the creation of the dis-ease where it will Reappear elsewhere.”

I believe that which is based on my personal experience of having hundreds of clients come to me whom have had surgeries (often multiple)and are worse now than before (many of whom can’t play golf anymore and come to me to get them ‘Back in the Game’)

The Good News is that not only can a PROPER Flexibility and Posture Restoration Protocol restore imbalanced muscles back into Balance, but actually get the person out of pain, and in most cases, keeping them out of pain in the future.


Get Straight – Then Strengthen!


roger splits
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How to Improve Posture and Rounded Shoulders



(‘Well, in a sense you might be!’)

Many people have asked me how to improve posture rounded shoulders and other posture related issues. That being the case I have spent years working with people to not only improve their golf game but their overall posture and health.

There is No Doubt in my mind that Posture is THE most neglected and least understood aspect of Health & Fitness.  Although I’ve gotten a reputation as the Golf Flexibility Guy for quite a few years,  it was  when I learned that ALL of my injuries (which ended my pro golf career), were actually due to my muscle imbalances and improper posture!  It was then that I got on a PROPER Posture Restoration Program that not only got me out of pain, but got me playing my best golf again!

Why you may ask?

Whether we know it or not, we humans are all ‘Slaves’ to Gravity’s forces upon us.  When we stand vertical and the joints are stacked on top of one another, there is much less stress placed upon ALL of our body’s systems.  BUT, when our body’s alignment gets out of their natural 90 degree angles, Gravity then places A LOT of Stress on not only our joints, but also inhibits our Breathing, Circulation, Digestion,  AND  CAUSES STRESS!.

Rounded Shoulders

I designed THE POSTURE SYSTEM, to help you identify YOUR Posture Type, and give you a simple to use program to get you back into proper alignment – and Thus take the Load off of your Body.

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to check out my website on Posture at: and check out my Videos and Posture Products.

Get The Posture System®


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Counter the effects of sitting down with the AlignMed Posture Shirt

sitting computer

What can we do about our Posture?

I feel that it’s No Coincidence that we’re seeing an increase in Health & Fitness Problems, and that people are sitting down at desks and computers more than ever before in our history!
Because our bodies were WERE DESIGNED TO MOVE – and instead are sitting down too much, the major systems in our body including CIRCULATORY – RESPIRATORY – CARDIOSVASCULAR – MUSCULOSKELETAL, AND EVEN HORMONES begin to lose their functions – and spawn health problems.
Obviously this also affects our Posture – which was designed to remain Upright and Vertical. As you can see in the photo, when our bodies FIGHT GRAVITY by sitting down, we are adding STRESS TO VIRTUALLY ALL OF OUR BODY’S SYSTEMS!

image of 3 men showing the effects of poor posture

In addition to embarking on a ‘PROPER’ Flexibility and Posture Restoration Program, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that my people wear the ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT, which is designed in such a manner that it automatically helps you maintain the INTEGRITY OF YOUR POSTURE – JUST BY WEARING IT!

Roger and Russell Knox“Roger, I’ve been wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt daily (I also wear it when I fly) and am seeing major changes! The shirt is great and really works!”
~Russell Knox




I have my Tour Players wear it as much as possible and especially when they travel. I’m sure that the ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT will help you too. On and Off the Course!

AlignMed Posture Shirt

View Video Transcript

Hi i’m Roger Fredericks

Our bodies will adapt itself and mold itself into whatever activities its doing for long periods of time
For example if we sit down in desk, cars, or computers etc eventually our bodies are going to end up with forward tilted hips, rounded shoulders, and forward head.

If we’re hitting millions of golf balls through our life or playing tennis. If we are doing things that are primarily one sided which is almost what all sports are. We are going to end up with muscle imbalances on the tighter dominant side.
For example almost all golfers when you look at them, their right shoulder will be lower than their left. What that means is the muscles on the right shoulder has become tighter and more restricted and is dominating the weaker side muscles
Bad posture is a result of muscle imbalances, and muscle imbalances will inevitably lead to friction on the joints which then lead to pain. What should we do about it?

The best way is to get a proper flexibility and posture restoration program designed specifically for you to correct these imbalances, make the tight muscles more flexible and the weaker muscle stronger etc. But there is another way i have found. I have come across a fabulous new product called the AlignMed Posture Shirt which is terrific. It actually pulls your shoulders back, tuck your hips under, and get your joints back to proper alignment just by wearing it.

Eventually your body will mold itself back into perfect alignment. I have learned that this shirt will keep you in proper alignment for days on end.

So i hope you’ll take it from me and thousands of other people that have tried the AlignMed Posture Shirt and i hope you do not waste any time to get it on!