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Centering Drill



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By putting your feet close together and hitting some shots, you’ll be able to eliminate a lot of excessive movement  in your golf swing.  You’ll find that it’s also really easy to do!  After getting used to your feet together, move your feet a little wider while retaining the feel of when they were close apart.  When my game goes off, I usually always come back to the range and work on this drill.

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2 thoughts on “Centering Drill

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    Thank you for your regular drills and tips.  You have kept me in better shape than if I was guided only by my own devices.  I had hoped to come and see you next week since I was playing in the Society of Seniors Master Tournament at Indian Wells.  However my wife has double pneumonia and can't fly-doc's orders.  Next year!

    The centering drill has always helped me as much as it has apparently helped you.  Thanks again for your help.

    Chuck Hinners

  2. Glad you’re experiencing

    Glad you're experiencing great results Chuck!  You might want to check out my latest video series THE POSTURE SYSTEM – at  We have 6 videos in there including videos on Posture – Flexibilty – Core Strengthening, and At Home and At the Office.  Keep up the good work!


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