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Having Trouble With The Chipping Yips?

Change Your Grip To The Putting Grip

No Doubt, as most golfers get older, their nerves aren’t quite as good as they used to be, and this is often born out in their Chipping & Putting.

What often happens is that they usually start Flipping their hands around and don’t use the Big Muscles of the Arms and Shoulders in the shot.  

A Great Way to get those hands under control – and out of the shot – is the PUTTING CHIP, which makes the motion much like a Putt and is controlled by the Shoulders and Arms.  

However, unlike a putt, where you  play the ball up forward in the Stance and slightly hit UP on it, try playing the ball back in the stance so that it’s off of the Right Instep.  IN ADDITION, DEADEN your hands by turning your Left Hand way under the shaft, and the Right Hand in a Stronger Position – as I demonstrate in Video and  the Image above.

Try the Putting Grip with a very Weak – and Under Position, and you should start becoming more successful on those chips around the Greens.

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1 thought on “Having Trouble With The Chipping Yips?

  1. Great info as usual, I use the weak left hand position, has worked well for 60 years, also, use this weak grip for short, high pitches…practice, practice, practice…Thank you, drive safely, stay healthy, CGG…

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