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Center Of Gravity Movement

One of the things you don’t hear very much about in the golf swing is the Center of Gravity – AND, the Protection of it.  What do I mean by that?

The COG in our bodies is THE center of balance and with most people is located approximately about 1.5 inches  IN and about  1.5 inches below the navel.  It actually varies with individuals, and moves every time we make a movement. 

Imagine the tightrope walker on the high wire.  For every centimeter his COG moves, the balance pole will quickly try to Counter that movement and get the person back into balance. It’s the same thing in the golf swing – with the shaft representing the Balance Pole.

Because we have a Right and Left Hip, our COG must move a little bit to the right – and much more forward on the downswing.  In fact, it actually moves to where the Left Hip Joint was.  I say ‘was’ because the left Hip actually moves rearward as it clears.

In the images above, you can see the small ‘0’ where the COG started in the Set Up and where it’s moved to Impact – Ie, much further forward than where it started Notice how much further forward Tiger Woods (on the Left) has moved his COG compared to the higher handicapper on the Right.

Too much fluctuating movement in the COG with the left hip sliding too far to the right – or elevate – or go too far rearward can play havoc in the golf swing as the COG is always trying to find it’s balance point and allow the golfer to move IN BALANCE!

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