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Comparing the Golf Swing and Pitching a Baseball

Compare Golf and Baseball


Start Down with the Lower Body for a solid Golf Swing

At some time or another, nearly all golf instructors compare the Golf Swing Motion to other sports, especially hitting a baseball, throwing a ball, etc.  However, it’s seldom when instructors teach the same mechanics that are similar in both motions.

In today’s V1 video analysis, I’m comparing the weight transfer of Jack Nicklaus and one of today’s great pitchers, Zach Greinke.  Specifically, I’m showing the similarities of the weight transfer from the Right Sides into the Front foot and focusing on the Left Leg Action.

Weight Transfer in the Swing

We’ve all come to believe that the Weight Transfer goes to the Right – then back to the Left.  That’s obviously true, BUT, what really happens is that the weight goes into the Right foot THEN presses down into the ground from the Right Hip and Knee; This motion called Flexion of the Right Knee then helps PUSH the left leg and hip over to the left – which is called External Rotation of the Left Knee and Leg.    As the left leg plants and Rotates AROUND TO THE LEFT, the forces then come back around to the Right Foot where the energy of the Right side EXPLODES from the ground and unleashes the power.

(I know this is probably sounding technical, but from the top of your swing, simply concentrate on Pushing slightly into the Right foot, and allow the Left Knee to separate back over to the front foot, and remember, this is happening  in less than .2 of a second!.)

Give it a Try

Next time you’re out on the range, from the top of your backswing, try pushing down slightly into your back foot, and concentrate on letting your left knee Shift and Rotate around to the Left.

Starting down with the lower Body is KEY to executing a solid Shot, Throw, or Hit.

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