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Years ago, my lifelong friend Mac O’Grady came over to Oahu and visited me at my Golf School at Sheraton Makaha Resort. Mac and I have been playing golf together since we were 14 in LA, and actually roomed together at the 1968 USGA Junior at The Country Club at Brookline, where we had both qualified.

Mac had developed himself into one of THE MOST incredible ball strikers in history and not only hit it solid every time…but he was L-O-N-G! As one who’s seen just about every great player since the late 50’s, Mac put on an exhibition that I’ll never forget – not only with the long clubs, but with the wedges.

Mac O'Grady

The one thing he kept saying was, “The Golf Swing is all in the Shoulders.” (This came as a surprise to me because I’d heard for some time about his Morad Method, where he broke the golf swing down into 10 Basic Positions). He demonstrated how he used his shoulders to control his trajectory by varying the ‘Rotation’ and especially the ‘Speed’ of his shoulders on shot after shot. For example, when he wanted to hit it lower, he simply wouldn’t rotate his shoulders very much and actually kept them square at impact, and almost leaned into the shot. On a higher cut shot, he’d Rotate his Shoulders ‘F-A-S-T-E-R’!; just as if he were hitting a cut shot over the net in Ping Pong or Tennis.

As I explain in today’s video, I’m showing you how to vary your wedge shots by varying your shoulder rotation and speed. I HIGHLY suggest that you practice this for a while, and if you’re like the majority of my students who learn this, you’ll really find improvement in ALL your shots!


  1. Like your analogy of a short stop throwing side arm underhanded. I hear all kind of controversial opinions on Mac O’Grady,but like the Atlantic Richfield gas commercial said ,”It is performance that counts.” I am not PC like Mac ,but I had 3 PGA champions on the tour win championships after my Perceptual Optimized Performance or POP treatment. To date I have seen 18 visually intuitive champions develop after POP treatment.Truth, to me, is just efficient performance,PC or not. I like your teaching and honestly respected Pete Egosque program ,what I saw in Del Mar. I also like is honesty and passion to push himself and his students beyond their comfort zone. Do you and Mac put any emphasis on the 7 skills of eyes,ocular,and visual efficiency?I am not talking about mere attitude and intelligence=psychological definition of vision,which I do not endorse. When you are visually efficient(perfect performance with the least amount of time and energy) and have an efficient swing you trust-you see easy-trust in slow time(big picture)-feel easy-trust(what you already saw in another time dimension)-and play easy to you g-d given potential. I tell all my players better to be loose and flexible than strong and rigid like Arnold “the terminator.”:) Mind passing this onto Mac?

  2. Hello, great info as usual, really tough to play these shots on these dormant winter fairways… any idea if there is any printed info on the Morad Method ? Thank you, CGG…

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