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table sequence

Table Sequence

Upper Back lacking Strength and Function?

I have to say that THE TABLE SEQUENCE is probably my All Time Favorite Exercise to do for developing a strong upper back and a functional upper back. Every time I do these, I inevitably feel taller, stronger, and BETTER!

What is also very interesting is; when you finish the Table Sequence, my hips feel Lighter, simply due to the fact that my shoulders are now set back into alignment which then takes the friction off of the Hip Flexors and Hip Joints.

I suggest that for most people, they do the TABLE SEQUENCE sparingly and Go Slowly until you’re comfortable with them. I don’t recommend that they be done every day as they can be quite taxing.

ANOTHER FACTOR IS: If you have back or disc involvement, to not do the TABLE SEQUENCE unless you’ve been checked out first by a health professional – or especially a Posture Alignment Expert.

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