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Eliminate Excess Movement In Your Backswing With This Drill

The Dick Mayer Drill

No Doubt about it…a very high percentage of high handicappers have ‘too much unnecessary movements’ going on in their backswings – thus forcing the golfer to make compensations for compensations for the rest of their swing.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of befriending one of the great players of the late 1950’s and 60’s named Dick Mayer.  Dick had won the 1957 U.S. Open as well as the World Open and was the 1957 PGA Player of the year.

One day, Dick told me about a tip he’d learned from the legendary Ben Hogan who taught him a drill whereby you cock your hands very early and set the shaft parallel to the ground and parallel to the target line – with the hands just off of the right thigh.  From there, the golfer just ‘pumps it’ by taking a ½ backswing and swings normally.,  When I tried this, I was amazed because it was so effortless and allowed my lower body to lead the upper torso into the ball.  

I have since passed this drill on to legions of golfers and virtually ALL of them not only experience significant results, but especially how simple their swing has become!

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