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Want more power?


Want more power in your swing?

stretching both halvesGolf has certainly turned into a Power Game – especially on the Pro Golf Tour!  Everyone wants more POWER and understandably so, and the best way to get more Power is  have ample Flexibility and Strength in their bodies!

Swing powerThere is certainly a lot of attention given to Flexibility and Strengthening Exercises, and we at Fredericks Golf have a unique product called the POSTURE FIT 5 -1 BAR, which helps you develop both Flexibility, Strength, and Balance.  By using the POSTURE FIT BAR on different parts of your body, you’ll begin to develop a more Powerful and Flexible Upper Torso – Increased Mobility – And Strength in your Back;  and also more Range of Motion in your Obliques – which are crucial in helping stabilize and create greater Range of Motion in your Side Bend.

If you want more Flexibility, Strength, and

POWER in your golf swing, give the

POSTURE FIT 5 -1 BAR a try!

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