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Forward Press on Steroids

forward press


(407 Yards)

I always enjoy watching the World Long Drive Championships and seeing these ‘Monster Hitters’ Smash it!  It seems like the majority of these Long Hitters have some major eccentricities in their swings (and often in their personalities!)

This year, I really enjoyed watching the eventual champion, Kyle Berkshire Pound it – and I paid attention to his MEGA Forward Press (Or as I call it, his Forward Press on Steroids). 

Nearly all great players start the golf swing with some sort of ‘Trigger’ that breaks up tension and allows the club, hands, and arms to start back smoothly.  Kyle, however, has a MEGA press where he starts by Completely Picking up his Left Foot, then plants it down while moving his weight completely onto his left foot; then he simultaneously Picks up his Right foot Completely off the ground.  This automatically establishes his rhythm and allows the club to automatically Flow Back pretty much on its own (I call this getting caught up in the vacuum that his body’s shifting weight established).  From there on, everything is on cruise control and you can see his awesome flexibility in display at the top. Having established total freedom in his arms due to his MEGA weight shift; from the top, you can see his Ultra Powerful Hip Shift and Turn through the ball. (Look at how his belt buckle shifts and rotates out of the way).

I highly suggest you practice doing this in your practice swings, and using a Power Swing Fan will automatically help you gain the Freedom and Power that you want!

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