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Place and Lift

Improve Balance for a Better Golf Swing

If you’re like most golfers, I’m sure that there have been many times when during your backswing, you just KNEW you had a good shot coming because you were SO In Balance and everything felt ‘Just Right’! THEN, I’m sure that there have been other times, where you knew right from the ‘Get Go’ that you were in trouble (like the ‘Hip Slider’ on the right) and just HOPED that you could somehow recover and get away with it. In those instances, you were probably Out of Balance.

What is good balance? In my definition, Being in Balance, is when your
Weight is perfectly centered on the Back Foot from front to back – the club is feeling light,
Because your Lower and Upper Body were in sync, and your Breathing and Mind were Still.

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating a Simple Drill called the ‘PLACE AND LIFT’
DRILL that can be practiced just about anywhere. You’ll find that when you
Practice the PLACE AND LIFT DRILL, you’ll find your weight is Balanced on your Right
Foot – Your Shoulders have coiled Behind and Inside the Ball, and the club feels like it’s just ‘Floating’.

From there, the weight shifts naturally – the club will automatically drop down into the inside – which will automatically allow your hips and shoulders to turn through the ball.

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