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Should You Move Your Head In The Backswing?

To Keep The Head Still...To Not Keep The Head Still...That Is The Question

As William Shakespeare used to say, “To BE or not to BE, THAT is the Question”  Well in golf terms, we could say, ‘To Keep the head STILL or let it MOVE, THAT is the Question’.

Keeping the Head Still used to be THE #1 Fundamental for the golf swing, but over the course of time, and with the addition of High Speed Cameras, we’ve discovered that the majority of Great Players do move their heads (and before I go on, when I’m discussing Head Movement, I’m talking about  from side to side).  But, then again, there are still legions of great players who also keep their head still.

SO, which is it?  Before I prescribe what  I think is best for the individual golfer, I take into consideration how FLEXIBLE they are?  Ie, if they’re Stocky and have a Thick Chest, generally speaking, I let them move it.  If they’re flexible is excellent, I often try to restrict their head movement somewhat – IF that feels good to them.

So, to answer the debate, I say to let the head move a little bit while MAKING Sure the Right Hip doesn’t Overturn or Slide Over to the right – AND, the balance stays primarily underneath the arches of the Right Foot.

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