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Knee problems have become epidemic in our culture and I feel that Sitting Down is one of the primary reasons. When we sit down, our powerful hip flexor muscles actually tighten up simply because they’re now reacting and supporting the upper body which is usually bending forward.

As we get older, people will notice that their knees and hips will begin feeling ‘creaky’ as they start to stand up getting out of the chair. Over time, this lifestyle will help contribute to permanent conditions and dysfunctions in our bodies.

One simple way to help maintain circulation in the knees, are Sitting Knee Pillow Squeezes, which btw, I do VERY Frequently!! Doing these simple knee contractions will go a long way in helping you get the ache out of your knees. This clip is from the ‘AT HOME OR AT THE OFFICE’ segment from THE POSTURE SYSTEM.

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