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How to Improve Hamstring Flexibility

Hamstring Flexibility

Use the Stretch Rope to Improve Hamstring Flexibility

Having Flexible Hamstrings makes the Golf Swing a lot easier to perform!! Not only having flexible hamstrings allow more range of motion and stability in your legs, because they attach onto the Pelvis, they allow your hips to move freely and powerfully throughout the shot. Pelvic Rotation is probably the most fundamental motion in performing a golf swing – or any sport for that matter.

In my Video Series SECRETS TO GOLF SWING FLEXIBILITY, I actually, demonstrate how to use the Rope to perform Active as well as some Static Stretches – where I encourage my clients to use the Stretch Rope to attain greater Range of Motion.

As I frequently say, an Active Stretch (where you only hold the pose for 1-2 seconds and perform 5-10 repetitions, will generally increase a person’s flexibility faster than a Static Stretch.  However, if a person’s goal is on improving their posture, then a properly sequenced series of Posture Restoration Stretches are preferable.

So, if you’re flexibility is lacking, and you want to get more flexible FASTER, then Use the Stretch Rope and expect to see your flexibility increase rapidly!

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