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How to Improve Posture and Rounded Shoulders

Rounded Shoulders


(‘Well, in a sense you might be!’)

Many people have asked me how to improve posture rounded shoulders and other posture related issues. That being the case I have spent years working with people to not only improve their golf game but their overall posture and health.

There is No Doubt in my mind that Posture is THE most neglected and least understood aspect of Health & Fitness.  Although I’ve gotten a reputation as the Golf Flexibility Guy for quite a few years,  it was  when I learned that ALL of my injuries (which ended my pro golf career), were actually due to my muscle imbalances and improper posture!  It was then that I got on a PROPER Posture Restoration Program that not only got me out of pain, but got me playing my best golf again!

Why you may ask?

Whether we know it or not, we humans are all ‘Slaves’ to Gravity’s forces upon us.  When we stand vertical and the joints are stacked on top of one another, there is much less stress placed upon ALL of our body’s systems.  BUT, when our body’s alignment gets out of their natural 90 degree angles, Gravity then places A LOT of Stress on not only our joints, but also inhibits our Breathing, Circulation, Digestion,  AND  CAUSES STRESS!.

Rounded Shoulders

I designed THE POSTURE SYSTEM, to help you identify YOUR Posture Type, and give you a simple to use program to get you back into proper alignment – and Thus take the Load off of your Body.

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to check out my website on Posture at: and check out my Videos and Posture Products.

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