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How to Improve your Position while Addressing the Ball

Bicep stretches

Does Your Address Position Look Like this?

Address Position

Try these stretches to improve

Why stretch your Biceps?

Bending over forward in our culture as much as we do these days, actually tightens up our Anterior (or front) muscles – including the Biceps.  Having Strong and Flexible Biceps not only help our overall Anatomical Function, but also our golf swings. 

The Biceps help support and stabilize the shoulder and elbow joints and having tight Biceps will inhibit Range of Motion in those joints.  We want our shoulders to operate smoothly and allow the elbows to fold naturally.

In today’s video (taken from SECRETS to GOLF SWING Flexibility Program, I’ll show you a couple of simple ways to help keep your Biceps functional in your body and golf swing.

roger splits
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