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Alignmed Shirt Posture Video

Back in the early 1980’s, my life and health was transformed when a man named Ric McDonald – former Head Trainer of the San Diego Chargers – looked at me and told me that my Knee Surgeries and Back Problems were caused by being out of proper posture. Ric had been greatly influenced by Pete Egoscue, who later moved into our clinic and began The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion.

I got on Ric’s Posture Restoration Programs and not only got out of pain quickly, but eventually began to incorporate the principals of Flexibility and Posture into my Golf Instruction Schools. Today, a large percentage of my programs involve Posture Restoration; which I consider to be THE next big Revolution in Health & Fitness.
Along my journey, I noticed that many people had a difficult time doing their programs when traveling or at their offices, due to sitting down all day, which then nullifies the Positive effects that their Flexibility and Posture Programs had given them.

Then came the Alignmed Posture Shirt – which is a fabulous product that will help you maintain and improve your posture – Just by wearing it! I insist that my Tour Players wear this shirt when they travel, and my clients to wear it At Home or at The Office.

“Roger, I’ve been wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt daily (I also wear it when I fly) and am seeing major changes! The shirt is great and really works!”
~Russell Knox

The Alignmed Shirt comes in both ladies and mens and two styles, a t-shirt style pullover and a zippered version. The zippered version is great if you are suffering from an injury or recovering from surgery.

I encourage you to ‘Get it On’ and give the Alignmed Posture Shirt a try!

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