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Incline Push Ups

Generally speaking, I prefer doing whole body strengthening exercises versus using machines or weights (not that I don’t do them from time to time); and doing Push Ups are one of the best overall strengthening exercises one can do not only for strength, but for better Posture, too. However, for many people, getting down on the floor and doing a regular Push Up can be quite challenging, so an alternative way is to do Incline Push Ups shown in the video today.

Not only are Incline Push Ups very effective, but they can be done periodically throughout the day using a chair or a wall.

One thought on “INCLINE PUSH UPS

  1. Great video to freshen up an old excercise we forget to do. One thing I caught was Rogers sequence which was posture , flexibility then strength training.
    Being a member for a couple of years I still forget the order . Thanks

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