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Increase Your Side Bend For Greater Rotation and Compression

One of the questions I get asked the most is:  “How can I get more Rotation in my Downswing?”

With some people, I work on getting their Hips cleared more – others trying to get their shoulders to Open Up more, etc., 

However,  one method that doesn’t get very much attention is to try to get your Right Shoulder closer to the Ball at Impact. 

Doing this will automatically a).  Get your Upper and Lower Body Torsos to Open up, and b). Allow you to get greater Compression with the ball.  Most Tour Players  have  on average – around 40 – 50 degrees of Side Bend at Impact.

However, some people who Hyperextend (Or Stand Up through the shot), will have a hard time because of a Lack of Flexibility in their Obliques  and QLO muscles.

A Great exercise to get more Range of Motion in these muscle groups are Standing Windmills.  This exercise will automatically get you more Range of Motion and allow you to Swing Freely – and Powerfully through the shot.

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