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Have You Noticed How Many Left Knee Injuries There Are?

Help Reduce Them By Keeping Your Left Knee Flat

Although everybody marvels at what physical specimens the current day pros are, there’s also a Flip Side to it.   That is, more and more tour players are subject to injuries and spending a lot of time in the  Trailer getting rehabbed, and it seems that Left Knee and Ankle problems are a high percentage of them.

Just this last year, we’ve seen super stars such as Tiger Woods, Brooks Keopka, and even Dustin Johnson Left Knee Surgeries, and they’re not the only ones!

                                                                                                             WHY THE LEFT KNEE?

Simply because most golfers  are Right Handed and have overdeveloped the right sides by repetitive stress on that side.  Consequently, their Right Sides become Stronger and Dominant than the Left and as they move into the ball with such terrific force, the Left Foot and Knee are prone to ‘give out’.  Over time, this move puts tremendous stress on the Left Ankle and Knee, and eventually a call to the surgeons’ often follows suit.

The Best way to help; balance both sides of the bottom is to practice swinging Left Handed A LOT – as well as trying to do more things with the left side.

In addition, when swinging try to keep the Left Foot Flatter through the swing and that in itself will help take the stress off of the ankle and foot!

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