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Stretch with Both Halves

(With help from the Posture Fit Bar)

In attempting to perform a stretch, many people will ‘Cheat’ by Compensating and getting out of Proper Alignment. In today’s video, I’m demonstrating a typical example of this, where I show when people try to stretch their hamstrings, they’ll often either a). Bend their knees to get down lower, and/or b). Round their shoulders in attempt to get their hands to touch the floor. These types of compensations don’t allow themselves to fully stretch the targeted area – in this case the hamstrings; And, Rounding the Shoulders will then diminish the effectiveness of stretching out the pecs.

Posture Fit Bar

Because many people are competitive with themselves (especially us guys), the best rule of thumb to follow is to be Patient, and get into proper alignment FIRST before going deeper into the stretch. You’ll find that this makes you Breathe Deeper which then will allow you to stretch Deeper!

REMEMBER, it’s not how far down you go in a stretch that counts, It’s how ‘Deep’ you Breathe into the pose that takes you deeper.

I also like Props, and the POSTURE FIT BAR is a GREAT Tool to use to maintain the integrity of the pose, and can also be used as a Strengthening tool.

So remember, when Stretching and/or doing other exercises, get aligned First then BREATHE!

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